Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfecting

We are a member of NFPA, an organisation that uses cutting-edge technology and highly skilled staff to provide professional and best cleaning services in Dubai.

It is an honour to provide our top-notch service to any business or anyone who requests it, as well as to protect the environment by fully cleaning up all potentially harmful airborne contaminants, built-up grease in kitchen ducts, and potentially harmful bacteria in water storage tanks.

The Process of cleaning water tank:

  • Tank inspection: At first we use to inspect the tank, and then we carry out all necessary pre-cleaning procedures along with the organisation of the tools.


  • PRESSURE WASHER & MECHANICAL CLEANING: Complete dirt removal with a strong pressure washer, with hand tools used for little details.


  • TANK DISINFECTION: employing chemicals that have been permitted by the Dubai Municipality to sanitise the interior surface of the water tank. All pollutants are removed as a result.


  • REMOVAL OF CONTAMINANTS USING A SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: a submersible pump used for extensive rinsing, collecting, and drainage of unclean water.


  • REVIEW OF SERVICES PROVIDED: An illustration of the services rendered along with before-and-after images of the cleaned tank shared with the client.


  • VERIFICATION OF THE CLEANING & DISINFECTION PROCESS: After cleaning and disinfecting the water, skilled sample collectors will collect water samples in sterile bottles and analyse the water aseptically in any EIAC-approved laboratory to determine whether the disinfection process was successful based on a microbiological study of the water.


Cleaning the ducts, hoods, and vents of the kitchen exhaust systems involves getting rid of all the grease that has built up inside of them. Kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease if they aren’t kept clean and tidy to pose a serious fire risk. Extraction ducts, hoods, and vents frequently go uncleaned for extended periods of time.

This frequently occurs because these places are out of sight and are therefore easily missed. Even if you understand the necessity of keeping them clean, doing so can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially without the right equipment and knowledge.

We provide expert cleaning services for kitchen hoods. We offer exceptional service, solving all of your difficulties, from the initial inspection to deep cleaning! Our kitchen hood cleaning team is well-trained and quite competent. We take great pleasure in providing exceptional service and are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Apartment Cleaning Services: Cleaning your apartment on a regular basis is challenging. There is no cause for concern. We are a licenced cleaning company in the UAE that provides trustworthy apartment cleaning at incredibly low prices. We offer a variety of cleaning services for apartments. Our team members are capable of accurately handling every duty, whether it is in a small apartment or a large flat. Call us to employ our skilled housekeepers and members of our technical team as per your convenient schedule.

We create a unique cleaning strategy together with our clients. All of our cleaning techniques have been tried and tested. We produce the greatest results that satisfy your needs by using non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning agents. Besides this, we provide full-time and part-time housemaid services, housemaid services on monthly basis, villa cleaning experts, affordable villa cleaning services, upholstery cleaning in Dubai and many more services.


Testing of home, industrial, and groundwater is necessary for maintaining clean water in the environment and safeguarding public health. Filtration is necessary for sample processing or preparation in many regulatory test techniques. We offer filtration products that are in compliance with regulations and are in line with common international testing procedures for water and wastewater. Tools for preparing small or large sample quantities, A wide selection of low extractable membrane filters, glasses, supplementary goods, and membrane filters that facilitate proper usage.


Outside faucets and pipes should be avoided. Garden hoses from outside are frequently kept fastened to outdoor faucets. The garden hose will freeze in the winter, which will then cause the spigot or faucet to freeze. One easy preventative technique that can help keep faucets from freezing is to remove your garden hose before it begins to do so. Your West Palm Beach FL plumbing firm can always instal an isolation valve so that the water can be turned off from the inside. You must drain the faucet of any extra or stored water it has due to pressure even if it has isolation valves.


In order to prevent contaminating water sources, which presents major risks and facilitates the spread of diseases, it is crucial to maintain septic tank and sump pit cleanliness. In order to keep septic tanks from losing their capacity and effectiveness, solids that collect at the bottom of the tanks must be promptly evacuated, and maintenance must be performed on a regular basis.

As with sewage tanks, sump pit cleaning is crucial. Most individuals, however, are unaware of this. If sump pits are not properly cleaned, sediment and debris will accumulate on them. Sump pumps will stop operating as a result. Therefore, be sure to seek assistance from a reputable cleaning business like Citron to prevent any significant complications from not maintaining and cleaning sewage tanks and sump pits. We are available at all times and ready to assist you as needed. Our professionals can make a bespoke cleaning recommendation after inspecting the place.

We have the expertise to quickly clean any kind of septic tank and sump pit. We provide the best deep cleaning services and sewage waste collection at affordable rates throughout the UAE, including Abu Dhabi.


One of the pillars of contemporary civilization and essential for environmentally sustainable development is the efficient treatment of municipal wastewater. According to the UN, 55% of the world’s population already resides in cities, and by 2050, that number is projected to rise to 68%. Due to the existing wastewater treatment plants’ inability to meet the growing capacity requirements, cities and municipalities are under stress and are experiencing capacity issues. We offer a variety of solutions that reduce the strain on water bodies and assist operators in maintaining efficient, effective, safe, and cost-effective municipal waste water treatment.


Numerous individuals produce waste, put it in bags, and dispose of it through convenient trash chutes at apartment complexes, office buildings, and other business locations all across Edmonton. Consider the path that rubbish must take to get from the chute to the trash can. Bags often rip or open when the trash is thrown down the chute. This causes any wet trash to stick to the wet trash, which leads to odour problems and breeding grounds for bacteria. That is why we provide our services of Linen Chute cleaning to make the environment neat and clean.

A/C Duct (FCU, AHU, FAHU) Cleaning and Sanitizing

We rank highly among the top AC duct cleaning businesses in the UAE. We are aware that clean AC vents and ducts optimise airflow throughout your residential or commercial property and guard against cross-contamination of the interior environment.

All around Dubai, Green Vision offers qualified AC duct cleaning services. Offering AC duct cleaning services to the residential and commercial sectors is something we are proud to do.

We use our innovative procedures to provide the best chemical-free AC duct cleaning services. In order to get rid of dust, germs, viruses, fungi, and spores, we handle everything from cleaning AC filters to cleaning AC vents. Numerous respiratory ailments are prevented by routine AC vent cleaning, and the likelihood of damp odour or water leaks is also decreased.

As we are among the best cleaning companies in Dubai, you can trust us. Our AC duct cleaning service involves cleaning the air grills, air filters, air supply ducts, main unit coil, drain tray, main unit blower fan, pipe, and cavity area surrounding the main AC unit. Our staffs also make sure that the main unit and the AC ducts are sanitised after cleaning. Along with Ac duct cleaning services, we use to provide top-notch sofa and carpet cleaning services in Dubai.